Immobilized and speechless

I recently had a dream I was asked to lead the church in prayer and in the middle of the prayer God’s presence became so strong, I literally collapsed into a ball and was unable to finish praying. My mind raced as I struggled with feeling the need to finish leading the church in prayer yet also having this overwhelming desire to express how grateful I was to God for allowing me to experience such an awesome move of His Spirit, but there was nothing I could do. I could not move and I was unable to speak. The presence of God was so thick and so heavy I was literally immobilized and speechless. Mere words can not express how I felt. Even in recalling the dream and typing these words, my spirit is stirred and I am left unable to describe the feeling I am experiencing.  At the end of service, someone approached me and inquired as to why I did not finish the prayer. I was unable to comprehend how this person had missed the move of God.

When I awoke and began to process the dream God revealed to me how there are people who attend church every Sunday, and God is moving all around them, yet they feel nothing. They fail to recognize God’s presence and are unable to fully understand the actions of those who do.

In addition,  it served as a reminder to focus less on performance and more on the experience of God. At the beginning of my experience I was concerned because I became unable to lead the church in a corporate prayer as I had been asked to do. I was caught up in the need to perform my duties as asked, yet in that moment God had given me the opportunity to do so much more than open the service with a simple prayer. I was able to experience God and to demonstrate the importance of relishing in God’s greatness, even if that leaves us immobilized and speechless.