Ugly Scars or Beautiful Reminders

This morning I burnt myself with the iron (this is a far too common experience for me). I considered pinching of the top piece of one of the leaves from my aloe and placing it on the burn to help sooth it, but I always try to avoid breaking off the leaves of the aloe because it leaves a mark on the plant. If I pinch off the pointed top piece of the leaf it will never grow back, and the plant end will remain flat for the rest of its existence. In essence, it leaves a scar on the plant. Every time I saw the plant, I would be reminded of the injury I acquired which forced my hand to scar my plant. Then my eye caught the mark on my arm from last week’s escapade with the iron (I told you it was a frequent occurrence). I chose not to treat that burn with the aloe. It burned for an extended period of time and is now pink and will more than likely leave a long lasting mark. This prompted the decision, if anyone/thing was going to be scared, I’d rather it be the plant.  Then the thought came to me, what if instead of labeling it as an unsightly blemish forever disfiguring my plant, instead of viewing it as an ugly scar, what if it served as a beautiful reminder of my healing?

This led me to reflect on the scars Jesus bore to bring us healing and redemption. The marks He took for us were not pretty, they were not attractive, but they were for us. They serve as a beautiful reminder of our healing and the sacrifice made for our redemption. I would encourage you to just meditate on this idea for a while and offer thanks to Jesus for His beautiful reminders.

There were several other ideas and thoughts which came to me as I was pondering the ideas above and someone mentioned the plant fulfilling its destiny, but those are blogs for another day. 🙂