7 quirky things about me most people do not know:

7- I have a natural tendency to make check marks backwards- It is a lefty thing, but still not the norm. 

6- The stars make me smile and sometimes they even make me weep. I moved at how big and creative God is and how a God who holds and can count all the stars would chose to love me.

5- Spiders, snakes, worms, I can handle, they never bother me, Earwigs totally gross me out. They give me the heebie jeebies.

4- I once hit a black cat with my car. I was driving to the first tennis match of my career and I never won a singles match, coincidence? Totally. I did not start playing until my junior year in college, my opponents had years of experience and I had only months. I was actually complimented by many of my opponents on how advanced my skill level was considering my lack of experience.  

3- I only like to drink milk out of a coffee cup but I do not like to drink other drinks out of coffee cups. Tea, water, etc., I want in a regular glass (but not really glass, because I don’t like how glass feels when it touches my teeth, I prefer plastic) and milk I want in a coffee cup.

2- I cannot stand the smell of wet peanut butter. It is absolutely disgusting and the texture of wet peanut butter on a dishrag is even worse. I would almost be tempted to marry the person who would say to me, “As long as I am in your life, you will never have to wash a dirty peanut butter utensil again.”

1-I can put my foot behind my head while standing (I just tested this to make sure it was still possible, I still got it)