I AM Done Doing Great Things for God

I am done doing great things for God, or more accurately stated, I am done trying to do great things for God.

This is not a resignation from ministry, an outburst of deep seeded frustration, or a desperate cry for validation.

I am proclaiming with excitement and relief that I am done attempting to do great things for God. I am done because all the good acts I can accomplish, all the creative things I complete, all of the generosity I can show, all of the love I can display, and all of the great things I can carry out are incomplete and misdirected.

If I do “great things” for God, then I am saying it is with my own ability this was accomplished. Anything I can do on my own does not bring glory to God, it brings glory to me. It places me in the forefront and highlights my own feeble attempts at accomplishment. However, if God does great things through me, then He is the One who receives the glory, the recognition, and the accolades. If I attempt to do things in my own strength, I am exalting myself above God and stealing what is rightfully His (glory, recognition, accolades, etc.). I become weary in my attempts and will always fall short in accomplishing the goal because I cannot perform at the level of God (I can come nowhere close).  Anything accomplished through me must be contributed to Divine intervention and interaction in my life, anything less than this, would be fruitless, pointless, and self-focused.

This means people will have to see me in my weakness so they know when God is working through me. It means I may revert back to my introverted self when I am not speaking, so people will see the power and boldness God gives. I will probably always stumble over my words before the anointing takes over, so people will see I cannot even speak without the help of God. I am okay with that, because I am done attempting to do anything in my own strength.

God can accomplish all He wants and if He chooses to work through me to get it done, then great, but I am not ever going to do great things for God.