Speaking of Jesus…

Sunday I was teaching our Bible story for the week. I telling the story of how Jesus called the Children to Him and prayed for them. As I am speaking about Jesus, He comes down the back steps of the church and walks across the back of the Children’s Church room.

Okay, okay, so it won’t literally Jesus, it was someone dressed in a Jesus costume, but it was still funny. The drama team was scheduled to do a drama and the individual who was playing Jesus was using the side door of the sanctuary (which leads to the downstairs room we use for Children’s Church). I lost it. I laughed so hard I actually had to back up a little in my story and retell it. Jesus (the real Jesus) knew I needed that moment though. I was having an issue with an individual who was being quite distracting during the lesson, this distraction, provided a distraction for that individual which allowed me to finish my story with no more distractions.

Thank you Jesus for creative ways to refocus us.