The Worst is Yet to Come?

Most often we do not find encouragement in words which predict certain doom. Starting a blog with the title “The Worst is Yet to Come” may have even scared a few readers away, but you are here, inquisitively searching for the reason behind my discouraging word choice. I will not say this is a post designed for easy reading (lost a few more readers), I don’t promise you will feel warm and fuzzy after reading this. It is not light-hearted or for the faint of heart. This post is for warriors, for fighters, for those willing to stand their ground, draw a line in the sand and refuse to surrender. This post is for those who are bold enough to dream big and have faith to believe God will do what He says and is not afraid of what may come to deter them. That is right, because there will be deterrents, there will be struggles, there will be moments and events and circumstances and whispers that challenge your dreams, confront your faith, and contradict ever word God spoke to you.

Don’t stop reading because it does get better, but not before it gets worse. When we determine to believe, and stand strong in our faith, all hell will attempt to fight us. When we dare to declare our dreams to others, the dreams God has birthed in us, distractions and difficulties will attack and attempt to dash our dreams. When we confidently claim God will do what He says, circumstances will arise that contradict what was spoken. Satan fears faith, so when we make a decision to have faith, he attempts to distract and contradict. He will create difficulties that challenge every fiber of faith that pulses through us.  How awesome is that! You are giving me that confused look where you crinkle your nose and raise your eyebrow, but this is where it gets good. If Satan is daring to challenge you, then you are on the right track. You have him nervous so he is coming against you. Your bold faith is making him sweat, your dreams from God scare him and you daring to embrace and believe those dreams terrify him. He will try to crush your confidence in what God spoke, he will attempt to destroy the dreams God placed in you, but he will fail. Standing in your faith, the worst is yet to come, but if you keep believing, keep declaring, keep dreaming, keep standing strong, there is something beyond. Beyond the worst that Satan can ever do, is God’s Words coming to fruition. It is your dreams giving birth, it is your passion coming alive.

When we stand in our faith, the worse may be yet to come, but the hope of what awaits on the other side, is so much greater. So be prepared, buckle down, hold fast, do not be swayed, stand firm, and continue to dream, continue to pursue that passion, continue to believe in that Word God spoke, and dare to scare Satan. The worst will pass the best is still yet to come.


1 Comment

  1. Phyllis Vivod said,

    November 6, 2016 at 8:36 pm

    You are so inspiring. I am proud of you and we sure do love you.

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