Potato Chip Cookies

Once when I was a kid, our church had a bake sale. I was very eager to make a contribution. I remember carefully searching through a recipe book for the perfect baked good. After many pages, I enthusiastically chose, what I believed would be a truly unique and tasty item which would be intriguing enough that no one could resist. I chose to make potato chip cookies. I presented my recipe to my mother and you know what my mom said? Okay. So, I made potato chip cookies for the church bake sale. The day of the bake sale, I proudly presented my creation, certain they would be an instant hint. Individuals would approach the table, scan the goodies, and several asked about my cookies… they asked if they were chocolate chip. When the truth was revealed, the reaction was not as I had anticipated and needless to say, the church did not get rich from potato chip cookies. I learned some important lessons that day. 1. Most people are not adventurous when it comes to their taste buds. 2. People really like their chocolate chip cookies and if you want to make money at a bake sale, make chocolate chip cookies.

You may be reading this, and thinking, “Vanessa, you are weird. Why would you even make potato chip cookies, and why on earth would you admit to ever making them, and on top of that, why would you write an entire blog on potato chip cookies?” This blog isn’t about how weird I am for making potato chip cookies, this blog is about how awesome my mother is for allowing me to make potato chip cookies.

My mother dared to let me be weird. She endured all the fashion nightmares, the hideous hairstyles, and every other freakishly, funky, crazy, idea I created (Okay, maybe not EVERY idea, I had to settle for bright yellow walls instead of bright orange, but now I recognize the wisdom in her redirection). My mom said okay to potato chip cookies.She said okay to being creative. She said okay to being outside the box. She said okay to me being me, which allowed me to become who I am, a crazy sock wearing, bracelets to my elbows, funky colored hair, children’s pastor who doesn’t quite fit the cookie cutter. My uniqueness allows me to do what God has called me to do. I can better relate to others who are not quite normal. I can connect with those who may consider themselves different from the main stream. I can use my creativity to teach in a way others may not have heard. I can be my weird, crazy self, and God uses that, in fact it is one of the reasons He made me that way. He purposely created me with a potato chip cookie making mind and He uses my potato chip cookie way of thinking for His glory.

So thanks mom for allowing me to make potato chip cookies.


1 Comment

  1. bruceparham said,

    January 24, 2017 at 11:17 am

    Vanessa you are right your mom is a wonderful lady and you are very unique I admire your uniqueness I would like to try your potato chip cookies if I ever could I like to eat unique or weird stuff and I don’t care who doesn’t like my food choices as far as weird stuff

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