Bystander Effect

Three weeks ago I was in a car accident where a driver ran a red light and t-boned the vehicle I was driving on the driver’s side. I was very blessed the injuries were not more severe. I did suffer from a concussion which is why I am just now posting this, as the hypersensitivity to light made it impossible for me to use the computer without squinting and having a ferocious headache (it is down to a dull roar now).

I wanted to create this post to express how grateful and touched I was by the kindness of strangers. Anyone who has ever taken a psychology or sociology course has most likely heard the term “Bystander effect”. This is a social phenomenon where individuals are less likely to offer help or respond to an emergency if other individuals are present. In other words, the more people who witness an emergency or need for help, the less likely anyone is to stop and offer assistance. I am grateful I was not a victim of the bystander effect as there were several kind individuals who assisted me during the accident. The driver behind me was kind enough to check on me and offered to be a witness to verify I had the green light. A driver in scrubs stopped, asked if I were okay and contacted 911. An off duty police officer checked on me as well. I think the most touching of all was the elderly gentleman who was a customer at the bank across the street who brought be a cup of cold water. His gesture may be seen as minor to many, but the biblical application of this act shouted volumes to me.

My work, church family, friends, and family have been very kind and supportive during this time. They have covered the gaps while I was out and have been extremely understanding and have encouraged me and made it possible for me to care for myself. I am truly touched and grateful to have so many amazing and wonderful people in my life. God has truly blessed me with awesome support. Thank you everyone for your care and concern. You Rock!