This past weekend, several of our students from Reflect Kids Ministry went to Kidfest along with several adult chaperones. The weekend event was phenomenal. The students as well as the chaperones were touched by the Lord. It was wonderful to see God moving in their lives and to be a part of their spiritual journey. I am so proud of how well our students behaved. I told our students I was so proud of them that if anyone had asked if they were my kids, I would proudly declare yes! They did such a great job participating and listening and none of them ever went to the bathroom during the service time. Anyone who works with kids knows the miracle in that.

We had 3 students who accepted Christ as their personal savior, 4 Baptized in the Holy Spirit, and 11 who stated they know God moved in their lives and they are different because of the encounter they had with Him. It is such a privilege and an honor to be a part of these students’ lives. I know God is going to do amazing things through them. I have seen it. I have seen some of the things God has called these students to do and it is absolutely amazing!

Thank you to all those who supported us with your finances, prayers, and time. You made it possible for us to attend, and because of your support students’ lives were forever changed. Thanks again for investing into the lives of our students and chaperones. Thank you to the chaperones for giving of your entire weekend to share in this experience with the students, and thank you to those who stayed in Powhatan and taught and worked with the students who were unable to attend Kidfest. I greatly appreciate you all and may God Bless you (Be sure to ask the students who attended Kidfest what it means to when you say that).  🙂


Busy but Blessed

WOW! May Already! The last two months have literally flown by! The last 8 weeks have been packed with so many wonderful things.

I had the privilege and opportunity to speak at 2 conferences in the month of March. I was able to share with a group of Children’s Leaders the importance of helping our students connect with God in various ways, and  spoke to several women about how to utilize their God given gifts and talents in and outside of the church.

In the month of March we raised $1621.25 for missions by having a change drive ($421 in rolled coins) and encouraging individuals to take the cold water challenge, this led me to dump a bucket of water on my head, and take a plunge into a lake, while it was sleeting. This earned me the title of “The craziest pastor” someone had ever known, oh, the things we do for God.

My sister’s baby shower was in the end of March. Anyone who knows me, knows I am so not one of those girly girls who really get into all those types of things, but my sister made it easy by not having corny baby shower games, my mom, on the other hand, had me up until 3am making ducks in tutus, but it was worth it, just being able to spend time with her. 🙂

Had 2 doughnut sales which totaled 720 doughnuts ordered. That is a lot of doughnuts, but not as many as last year, but it was enough.

We had an Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday prior to Easter. The kids had a great time, lots of eggs and lots of candy!

This past weekend, I had to the privilege to take 16 students and 6 chaperones to Kidfest. Kidfest is a weekend retreat for elementary age students. It is a weekend designed to help students draw closer to God and strengthen their relationship with Him. Our students and chaperones had a wonderful time and experienced God in so many awesome ways! Kidfest is by far my favorite thing to do with my students. It takes months of preparations, (Any time you take someones student out of the state for an entire weekend, you are looking at a lot of work) but it is totally worth it and I absolutely LOVE IT!!


Throw in my regular tasks such as preparing for Sunday morning services, nursery Sunday night, and Wednesday night class, add a special Easter service, and my new position as a softball coach, needless to say life has been busy, but it has been a wonderful busy. When you enjoy the things you are doing, busy never seems to be overwhelming or suffocating. I am not saying I have not been physically tired at times, hence why I went to bed at 8:30 last night, but my spirit is continually refreshed, renewed, and ready for God is doing great things and I want to be a part of it!

Every Kid needs a Champion

This TED talk presented by Rita Pierson shares the importance of building relationships with kids as a way of making a difference. She is speaking specifically to school educators, but the concept can be applied to any one who works with kids.