Where You Are

The night my grandmother passed away, God gave me a dream about her going to heaven. She passed away 3 years ago today, but I still remember the dream and the emotions I felt as I awoke and knew she was in heaven. I wrote this poem based off the dream I had and read it at the graveside. I am far from a poet, but I thought I would share in memory of my grandmother. I invite comments and thoughts.

Where you are

The night before you passed

I had a marvelous dream

I was standing to the side

Before you was a brilliant light beam


So beautiful and enticing

Heaven I knew it must be

As you strolled towards it

I leaned in, eager to see


All the splendor of glory

My whole life I’d been told

The mystery of the promised land

I was anxious to unfold


But no matter how hard I tried

A glimpse I could not steal

For you see it wasn’t my time

To experience what you now feel


One thing I do remember

Before everything went black

Never once did you hesitate

Shift your focus, or glance back


Your eyes were not fixed on heaven’s gates

Streets of gold failed to capture your attention

You appeared oblivious to the crystal sea

And the mansions Jesus did mention


The spectacular objects of heaven

You seemed not to notice

There was one thing on your mind

Seeing Jesus was your sole focus


Often times you wondered

When you would take your place

Around the throne of God

And see Jesus face to face


Grandma we will miss you

But with Grandpa you now abide

Worshiping Jesus together

Hand in hand and side by side

Grandma on her 92nd Birthday

Grandma on her 92nd Birthday

Run (Insert name here) Run

Yup, another dream. I am not claiming this as a direct dream from God, as the others have been, in fact, at first, I didn’t even give it much thought as I was able to quickly reason with myself as to why I had the dream. However, I began to reflect on the dream in the evening and uncovered a compelling thought. To eliminate confusion I will first need to provide a small back story of why I felt I dreamed the dream, the dream itself, then the explanation. It may feel like a bumpy ride at first, but I believe it is worth hanging in until the end.

First, The Backstory:

I like to fall asleep to the audible version of the Bible. Last night I was listening to Genesis, but by the time I awoke, the reading was in Numbers. My brain listened to all the directions for animal sacrifices laid out in Exodus-Numbers, which is what I felt was the reason behind the dream.

Second, The Dream:

I was in a room with family. yet I did not recognize anyone. In the dream, I knew these people, but their faces were unfamiliar. They began to share with me their passion to return to the Old Testament teachings especially in regards to animal sacrifices.  As they adamantly spoke their vision, the spirit within me rose up to reveal the contradictions and false words which were being proclaimed. Certain parts of their ideology were contrary to scripture, new and old testament. Once the check was placed in my spirit, I covered my ears and ran away yelling, “I’m not listening.”

Third, The Breakdown,

There is a difference between physical recognition and a spiritual connection: There are people in our lives whom we know, we see them on a regular basis, they are a part of our family, church, friends, co-workers, and we know them very well in the physical world, but the spirit does not recognize them. Just because we may know someone physically does not mean we have to give them the right to speak into our lives spiritually.

Know the Word: The ideology being presented to me was based in Old Testament scriptures, yet all that was being shared with me was not biblically based. I was being fed bits  of truth, in hopes i would swallow the whole lie. If we are unfamiliar with the Word, we become susceptible to falling for the morsel of truth being shoved down our throats with the heap of lies. Like the old saying goes, A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.

Sometimes you just have to cover your ears and RUN: There is nothing wrong with running for your life and when false doctrine is presented to you, that is exactly what is at risk. Giving one inkling of a thought to the false words spoken opens a door for Satan to destroy. A beautiful garden can be ruined by one weed. If that weed is not plucked up by the roots it will eventually spread to the point of choking out all of the good seed and in the end, all you have is a field with no fruit. A termite which begins to gnaw on the walls of a home may not topple that house in a day, but if left untreated, it will eventually lead to demise. If Satan can get in one seed of doubt, and we do not tend to that seed, it is enough to ruin the very foundations of our faith. Sometimes you just need to cover your ears, publicly declare your decision, and make a run for it.