Where You Are

The night my grandmother passed away, God gave me a dream about her going to heaven. She passed away 3 years ago today, but I still remember the dream and the emotions I felt as I awoke and knew she was in heaven. I wrote this poem based off the dream I had and read it at the graveside. I am far from a poet, but I thought I would share in memory of my grandmother. I invite comments and thoughts.

Where you are

The night before you passed

I had a marvelous dream

I was standing to the side

Before you was a brilliant light beam


So beautiful and enticing

Heaven I knew it must be

As you strolled towards it

I leaned in, eager to see


All the splendor of glory

My whole life I’d been told

The mystery of the promised land

I was anxious to unfold


But no matter how hard I tried

A glimpse I could not steal

For you see it wasn’t my time

To experience what you now feel


One thing I do remember

Before everything went black

Never once did you hesitate

Shift your focus, or glance back


Your eyes were not fixed on heaven’s gates

Streets of gold failed to capture your attention

You appeared oblivious to the crystal sea

And the mansions Jesus did mention


The spectacular objects of heaven

You seemed not to notice

There was one thing on your mind

Seeing Jesus was your sole focus


Often times you wondered

When you would take your place

Around the throne of God

And see Jesus face to face


Grandma we will miss you

But with Grandpa you now abide

Worshiping Jesus together

Hand in hand and side by side

Grandma on her 92nd Birthday

Grandma on her 92nd Birthday