So… I met this guy…

Those who know me know I am not the mushy type and I am not one to broadcast about my relationships, however, with it being Valentine’s and the world so entangled in so many false portrayals of love, I thought now would be the perfect time to share about the perfect love I found with my special someone. J Y’all bear with me, I am new at this whole posting about relationships thing.

So I met this guy who totally rocks my world. His love for me is different than any other type of love I have ever experienced. His love goes deeper and is more mature and fulfilling than any other type of love I have known. In previous relationships there has always been something lacking, but with this one, my heart is completely satisfied, and because I am loved so much, it makes it so much easier to love others.

His Father adores me and treats me as if I were His own daughter. He is a provider and takes care of all of my needs. He calls me his beloved, sends me flowers, and loves to gaze at the stars with me. He was faithful to me even when I was not faithful to Him. There was a time in my life when I thought I could find something better. I left searching for other loves. While I was absent, He pursued me to woo me back. Once I realized my mistake, I came running and his arms were open, waiting and ready to receive me. I asked for His forgiveness and I was forgiven and never once have I been reminded of my unfaithfulness or treated differently because of the indiscretions of my past.

He thinks I am to die for. He proved his love for me when he gave himself to pay off a debt I had acquired when I was chasing other things. I could not pay it myself so he took care of it for me, because His love for me is truly unconditional.

He makes me feel beautiful. He has written passionate poetry, yet is not afraid to speak to me in a way that challenges me to become a better person. He sees more in me than I see in myself. Through Him, I am stronger, braver, and capable of doing things I never thought I could. I can truly say he has been there whenever I needed him. I can call him any time day or night and I know he hears every word I say and listens intently to me. He has been my joy when I was sad, my peace when I was scared, my comfort when I was in distress, and my rock when I felt my world was falling apart. He makes me so happy, just saying his name makes me smile. J Jesus… he is so much more than just some guy. Jesus is the lover of my soul, my heart’s desire, and my one true love. On this Valentine’s Day and always, Jesus holds my heart. ❤


A Knight in Shining Armor

I need to preface this blog with a few words. 1st, despite the title, this is not a romantic blog. 2nd, this blog post reflects my personal views on my personal relationship. I by no means believe my ideas are for everyone, or believe everyone should conform to my ideas. I am simply sharing my thoughts.

“One day a knight in shining armor will come riding to my rescue. He will dismount from his noble steed and storm the castle doors to discover, I’ve already slain the dragon.”

This is not to scream “I am woman, hear me roar.” It is not a campaign to support feminism, nor is it designed as a man bashing statement.

I say I do not need a knight to come to my rescue because I am not a damsel in distress. There can be a stigma that single women desire or need to be rescued from the life of solitude, loneliness, or singlehood itself.  Many single women themselves believe they need a man to provide for them and to love them like no one else.

My life is full of family, friends, and people who enhance my life, people whose company I enjoy. I am not lonely and I enjoy the solitude afforded me as a single woman.

All my needs and provisions have already been met through my Heavenly Father. If God chooses to use a man to provide for me then that is His choice, however, it is not required, as my Father owns all things.

God loves me in a way no one else can. The love God has for me is the most satisfying and fulfilling love I will ever experience. No love from a man can equal the love God has for me.

See, I do not need to be rescued. I am single and very happy to live the life I am living. I am uncertain if I will ever marry and I can say with all sincerity I am comfortable with whatever God chooses for me, in fact, I can say with confidence, I have no preference. I trust God. I know He has the best plan for my life and I am happy to walk the path He has for me.

If God chooses for me to married in the future, I know I will be just as happy as I am now being single because I will be in the Will of God. And that is a different blog for a different day. 🙂